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2014 Tour


So I’m doing a short tour of my last show “Stuart Laws absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead (1hr show)”. There’s 5 dates and I would really love actual people to actually come. Here’s the poster, details of tickets and venues beneath.


All shows start at 8pm (doors 730pm) and all tickets £5 (unless otherwise stated)

East Grinstead: TBC

Newport Pagnell: Robinsons Wine Bar, Tickets and details available here

Windsor: Firestation Arts Centre, Tickets and details available here

Harlow: The Square, Fourth Avenue, Harlow, CM20 1DW, Tickets and details available here

Ealing: The Grange, Warwick Road, Ealing, W5 3XH Tickets and details available here

Any other details see Twitter: @thisstuartlaws


The Human Resource


A web sitcom that I wrote & directed with Al Clayton. I’m also in it along with Max Saidi, Nick Long, Rachel Lerman, James Acaster, Ben Target, Rachael Owens, Richard Rycroft and David Begg.

Update: 4.5 Shows in Edinburgh


In August, for most of the month, I will be in Edinburgh, performing at the fringe festival. I will be doing 3 shows and some of my short films will be appearing at a 4th and I’ll have worked on a 5th.

Creepy eyes

Creepy eyes

Stuart Laws absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead (1hr show)
Solo stand-up show about ornithology, Center Parcs, Terminator, milkshakes, The Bourne Supremacy, the three 9/11s, colour blindness and Hawaii Five-0. It’s one of Laugh Out London’s top free shows to see. 1510, 3rd – 24th August, Dragonfly

Apocalypso! Adventures in time, travel and time travel
A double-act comedy show making its debut in Edinburgh. Matt & myself play time-travellers from 2042 who have come to warn of the coming apocalypse(s). 1915, 17th – 25th August, Voodoo Rooms

Colin Hoult’s Real Horror Show
A portmanteau play written by the incredible Colin Hoult. I get to play a few characters in the dark, twisted and very funny production. 2245, 1st – 25th August, Assembly Roxy

Short Com Showcase
A comedy short film showcase screening, everyday at 1pm, featuring some of my films made with Turtle Canyon Comedy. Occasionally the show will be hosted by me too. 1300, 7th-23rd August, City Night Club

Aside from all that there will be funny films, that I did with Turtle Canyon Comedy, featured in Nick Helm’s show One Man Mega Myth. Go to that because it’s going to be amazing. Here’s a trailer for my solo show:

Also, in the autumn I shall be supporting James Acaster on tour. Also, I produced a short film called “The Bird” and that will be going to the festivals in the autumn:

Stuart Laws absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead (1hr show)


Stuart Laws absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead (1hr show).stuart-laws-absolutely-will-not-stop-ever-until-you-are-dead-1hr-show_32173

Stuart Laws, in association with PBH’s Free Fringe

Venue 63 – Dragonfly,

52 West Port, EH1 2LD

Dates – August 3rd – 24th (not 15th or 22nd)

Time – 15.10

Free Entry (Donation at end)

EdFringe Online Link


Following a great festival debut headlining 2011’s It’s Two O’clock Live at Two O’clock with a set described by critics as ‘impulsive’, ‘original’ and ‘one to watch’ – Stuart Laws returns to the fringe with his much anticipated debut show:

‘Stuart Laws absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead (1hr show).’

29 year old Stuart is trying to embrace the fact that his attempts to blend in with the crowd have worked all too successfully and he is now a perpetual “omega male” or “little spoon”. 

An energetic and compelling master of audience interaction, Stuart’s spontaneous performances see him creating a perversely endearing air of comedic chaos in a show about ornithology, Center Parcs, Terminator, milkshakes, The Bourne Supremacy, the three 9/11s, colour blindness and Hawaii Five-0.

“very funny”

The New York Post

“laughs come thick and fast…definitely one to watch”

Edinburgh 2011 Fest Mag review

“He engages with people masterfully and the whole thing feels impulsive and original”

Edinburgh 2011 New Kid review

“precocious Fringe fave”

ThisWeek London

“suffocatingly funny…truly wonderful”

Gorilla Film Magazine

Stuart is a comedian, actor, director and writer, creating great new comedy with great new comics. He started performing as a stand up in 2007 and is now an established regular on the circuit. Fresh from a successful year where he has supported James Acaster on tour, compered festivals for PLEB and debuted at Machynlleth Comedy Festival he is now ready to present his debut show to Edinburgh. He is most well known for his online comedy directing, writing and performing with Turtle Canyon Comedy: racking up half a million hits in the past year and working with some of the most exciting names in the industry. His most recent short film, Chubby Bunny, played at festivals around the world, including the London Short Film Festival and winning the runners up prize in Seattle. He has combined his love of film, acting and writing to create a debut show that is different, friendly and very funny.


For interviews please email:



Slaws Poster FrontSlaws Poster Back


My 2012 in comedy videos


So I direct and write comedy, mostly for my own production company Turtle Canyon Comedy. Here are the films I am most proud of from last year…

I love Jurassic Park and the long grass scene from The Lost World has always amused me with its potential:

I wanted to write something that was shamelessly going after views off the back of a popular thing, mainly to see if I could and if it would help get views.

Matthew Highton explained the basic idea of this to me in a couple of texts and that’s all I needed to know it’d be awesome. We shot it in 2 hours out on Hampstead Heath and then gave it the look of an old, washed out samurai movie. Kind of.

This is something that I wrote years ago and have always wanted to make it but didn’t know who the right people were to cast in the leads. Until I saw Mark Stephenson and Harriet Kemsley on the same comedy night.

This next sketch is the biggest hit I’ve been a part of and was a little idea that Tom Toal chucked in at the end of an email to me. The Daily Star wrote about it and it became something of a phenomenon in Poland.

I regularly appear in, write and direct a web series about a British Batman in a small village. We’re onto a third series now and the magnitude has increased to such a scale that we’re finding it difficult to get the time to make them for our cult audience. This is the opening episode to the third series and I love it because the first scene is a shot-for-shot homage to Mission:Impossible 3 but still works perfectly with the Batman/Joker dynamic and sets up the rest of the series beautifully.

Also, my short film, Chubby Bunny, was screened at the Friars Club Film Festival and London Short Film Festival.

Boyd & Laws’ Natural Disasters

// Hello //
// This is an invite to Boyd & Laws’ Natural Disasters // 
// It is a comedy show //
In the town of Hathersage, Ohidaho there is trouble brewing. Situated on a fault line and smack bang in the middle of tornado alley, it is due for a “big one”. On October 25th and again on November 29th 2012 that big one is due to hit. Hurry down to The Camden Head where volcanologist Stuart Laws and storm chaser Chris Boyd will have constructed a makeshift shelter, designed to protect you from the elements. Once inside, relax, and enjoy an education, as Chris and Stuart tell you everything you need to know about dust devils, magma pools and the town of Hathersage itself. They will be joined by special guests from the town, who will be giving you top survival tips and helping to keep you distracted from the rage of mother nature outside the shelter.
// It’s on Thursday 25th October and 29th November 2012 // At 7:45pm // 
// At The Camden Head in Camden // 100 Camden High Street //
// Special Guests on the nights will include: //
Ben Target, Matt Sandford, Nish Kumar, Matthew Highton, James Acaster, Gary From Leeds
//Think of it is as://
Part Wes Anderson film set, part 90s disaster movie, part theme park ride, all funny. In fact, here’s the video that will be playing in the queue to get into the shelter:
Please RSVP so we know to reserve you space in the Emergency Shelter
Thanks very much for reading this

How I Became Batman (and then invented a time machine)


The title of this blog is a neat summation of the first two series of the webseries I write and act in with Al Clayton and Nick Long. If you add in: attempt to kiss every female character except for my sister, am responsible for said sister’s untimely death, caused my friend to descend into petty crime and eventually become The Joker, anger a local council worker into becoming The Riddler, date and then lead a Selina Kyle to a dramatic fall from the roof of Axis Chemicals, rile an old schoolfriend called Thomas “Tom E” Elliot, fail to protect Chalfont St Peter, shun the cape, deal with an emotionally unstable agent attempting to get me to wear the Bat-mask again – in pursuit of YouTube views and get a butler; then you’ll be close to explaining season ONE and TWO of Becoming Batman.

Catch up on the gist of things with this handy trailer:

Or read this post that I wrote previously. Once you’ve done that you’re free to still watch Bat To The Future Episode ONE in a state of confusion:

And then once you’ve fully taken in that almost shot for shot reference to Mission Impossible 3 then you can watch Eagle-Eyed Cherry get referenced in episode TWO:

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