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Autumn 2014


This autumn I am supporting James Acaster on his UK tour. His show is brilliant and is much recommended, you also get around 25 minutes of me at the start. Unless you pick a date where my arch-nemesis Jack Barry is supporting James or you pick a date where James doesn’t have a support. Full dates are here: JAMES ACASTER TOUR DATES

The dates I’m supporting are: 21,22,3,4,5,8,9,10,11,14,18,19,25,6,7,23,27,28,29 (that’s in order from September to November)

I’m also doing a performance of my show Stuart Laws. When’s this gonna stop? (1hr show) at The Hen & Chickens Theatre on October 16th. It’s in Islington in London, and if you want to buy tickets you can do so here: STUART LAWS SHOW TICKET

Aside from that I am making more and more films and comedy, here’s some highlights from recently…

1. A comedy-documentary-monologue thing that I have written and performed, all about conspiracy theorists. It’s not crying with laughter funny, but I think it looks bloody lovely and is potentially pretty interesting. If you think it sounds awful then I doubt the film will change that opinion.

2. A new web series that I directed. Totally Trented is what happens when you let someone make a prank show when they don’t really know what a prank is. David Trent is the host and he’s undeniably awful.

3. Sweet Home Ketteringa is a comedy documentary about James Acaster returning to his hometown and gracing his old haunts, expecting to be met with adulation. Turns out that no-one knows who he is.

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  1. 09/01/2014 4:54 pm

    Stuart, I think you accidentally got an autocorrection as you said undeniably AWFUL.

    Please attend to this.

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