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Update: 4.5 Shows in Edinburgh


In August, for most of the month, I will be in Edinburgh, performing at the fringe festival. I will be doing 3 shows and some of my short films will be appearing at a 4th and I’ll have worked on a 5th.

Creepy eyes

Creepy eyes

Stuart Laws absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead (1hr show)
Solo stand-up show about ornithology, Center Parcs, Terminator, milkshakes, The Bourne Supremacy, the three 9/11s, colour blindness and Hawaii Five-0. It’s one of Laugh Out London’s top free shows to see. 1510, 3rd – 24th August, Dragonfly

Apocalypso! Adventures in time, travel and time travel
A double-act comedy show making its debut in Edinburgh. Matt & myself play time-travellers from 2042 who have come to warn of the coming apocalypse(s). 1915, 17th – 25th August, Voodoo Rooms

Colin Hoult’s Real Horror Show
A portmanteau play written by the incredible Colin Hoult. I get to play a few characters in the dark, twisted and very funny production. 2245, 1st – 25th August, Assembly Roxy

Short Com Showcase
A comedy short film showcase screening, everyday at 1pm, featuring some of my films made with Turtle Canyon Comedy. Occasionally the show will be hosted by me too. 1300, 7th-23rd August, City Night Club

Aside from all that there will be funny films, that I did with Turtle Canyon Comedy, featured in Nick Helm’s show One Man Mega Myth. Go to that because it’s going to be amazing. Here’s a trailer for my solo show:

Also, in the autumn I shall be supporting James Acaster on tour. Also, I produced a short film called “The Bird” and that will be going to the festivals in the autumn:

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