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My 2012 in comedy videos


So I direct and write comedy, mostly for my own production company Turtle Canyon Comedy. Here are the films I am most proud of from last year…

I love Jurassic Park and the long grass scene from The Lost World has always amused me with its potential:

I wanted to write something that was shamelessly going after views off the back of a popular thing, mainly to see if I could and if it would help get views.

Matthew Highton explained the basic idea of this to me in a couple of texts and that’s all I needed to know it’d be awesome. We shot it in 2 hours out on Hampstead Heath and then gave it the look of an old, washed out samurai movie. Kind of.

This is something that I wrote years ago and have always wanted to make it but didn’t know who the right people were to cast in the leads. Until I saw Mark Stephenson and Harriet Kemsley on the same comedy night.

This next sketch is the biggest hit I’ve been a part of and was a little idea that Tom Toal chucked in at the end of an email to me. The Daily Star wrote about it and it became something of a phenomenon in Poland.

I regularly appear in, write and direct a web series about a British Batman in a small village. We’re onto a third series now and the magnitude has increased to such a scale that we’re finding it difficult to get the time to make them for our cult audience. This is the opening episode to the third series and I love it because the first scene is a shot-for-shot homage to Mission:Impossible 3 but still works perfectly with the Batman/Joker dynamic and sets up the rest of the series beautifully.

Also, my short film, Chubby Bunny, was screened at the Friars Club Film Festival and London Short Film Festival.

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