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Boyd & Laws’ Natural Disasters

// Hello //
// This is an invite to Boyd & Laws’ Natural Disasters // 
// It is a comedy show //
In the town of Hathersage, Ohidaho there is trouble brewing. Situated on a fault line and smack bang in the middle of tornado alley, it is due for a “big one”. On October 25th and again on November 29th 2012 that big one is due to hit. Hurry down to The Camden Head where volcanologist Stuart Laws and storm chaser Chris Boyd will have constructed a makeshift shelter, designed to protect you from the elements. Once inside, relax, and enjoy an education, as Chris and Stuart tell you everything you need to know about dust devils, magma pools and the town of Hathersage itself. They will be joined by special guests from the town, who will be giving you top survival tips and helping to keep you distracted from the rage of mother nature outside the shelter.
// It’s on Thursday 25th October and 29th November 2012 // At 7:45pm // 
// At The Camden Head in Camden // 100 Camden High Street //
// Special Guests on the nights will include: //
Ben Target, Matt Sandford, Nish Kumar, Matthew Highton, James Acaster, Gary From Leeds
//Think of it is as://
Part Wes Anderson film set, part 90s disaster movie, part theme park ride, all funny. In fact, here’s the video that will be playing in the queue to get into the shelter:
Please RSVP so we know to reserve you space in the Emergency Shelter
Thanks very much for reading this
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