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How I Became Batman (and then invented a time machine)


The title of this blog is a neat summation of the first two series of the webseries I write and act in with Al Clayton and Nick Long. If you add in: attempt to kiss every female character except for my sister, am responsible for said sister’s untimely death, caused my friend to descend into petty crime and eventually become The Joker, anger a local council worker into becoming The Riddler, date and then lead a Selina Kyle to a dramatic fall from the roof of Axis Chemicals, rile an old schoolfriend called Thomas “Tom E” Elliot, fail to protect Chalfont St Peter, shun the cape, deal with an emotionally unstable agent attempting to get me to wear the Bat-mask again – in pursuit of YouTube views and get a butler; then you’ll be close to explaining season ONE and TWO of Becoming Batman.

Catch up on the gist of things with this handy trailer:

Or read this post that I wrote previously. Once you’ve done that you’re free to still watch Bat To The Future Episode ONE in a state of confusion:

And then once you’ve fully taken in that almost shot for shot reference to Mission Impossible 3 then you can watch Eagle-Eyed Cherry get referenced in episode TWO:

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