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Being Batman Tries To Jump A Few Sharks


So episode 7 & 8 arrived on Sunday. Features a plot twist that is potentially too outlandish for some to stomach. This new series has seen a mixed reaction at times, none more so than DoktorWertham, a person I strongly suspect is not a fully-qualified medical doctor.

Second series seemed to meander, boys. Maybe I’m missing something but there really didn’t seem to be an arc or even any real crisis. Becoming Batman was a terrific mix of humour and drama. But Being B. focused way too much on the obnoxious Producer character while everything else suffered. And while the Nolan in-jokes make sense, mashing up disparate film franchises doesn’t bode well. Hope you can pull something great out of the bag in the Autumn. You’ve certainly proven you have the talent.

As a riposte: yeah, he’s missing something.

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  1. Marky T permalink
    08/10/2010 11:55 am

    He makes a fair point tbf. Quite a few casual fans have found many of the jumping the shark plot lines either irrelevant, or have had too much screen/plot time devoted to it. And character development has seemed slower this series.
    It has been a lollercoaster though.
    Stand out highlights for me include DA’s guitar work cameo, Alfred the butler, physical humour, and the excellent song miming.

  2. 08/10/2010 3:39 pm

    The reason for a character such as the producer is not as a time-waster. The time elapsed since the end of series 1 is a year and that year isn’t shown because it involves Wayne being depressed and hanging up the cape for good. The producer realises he really needs to do something himself if there is to be a second series so he is the catalyst for Wayne to be Batman – releasing The Joker, constantly reminding Wayne of the dead sister, trying to get Selina back in it and eventually giving Wayne the money he needs to be a “proper ‘ero”.
    Also bear in mind this is only halfway through the series. Everything is in place now: Wayne loses everything he had built up in that year (youth worker, hopes for a band and now Alfred), Batman is back and improved, The Cat Lady is about, Thomas Elliot has a grudge against the Bruces, Terry’s campaign is close to election day and The Joker is free and has a chemical vial (probably to be used to put a smile on everybody’s faces).

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