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Being Batman


Self-involved, bored, prone to fantasy, desperate and desperately poor with women, likes powerpoint, proud, reserved and a bit of a weakling.

An overly-detailed description of the character, Wayne, that I played in series one of Becoming Batman. You see what I did there though? The description could almost be as if I’m describing myself! HAHAHA. Except I don’t like powerpoint. HAHAHA (secondary punchline). Anyway, the continued adventures of Wayne resumed recently, except now he doesn’t want to be Batman. However, the name of this second series, Being Batman, ruins any dramatic tension about whether or not Wayne will don the cape again.

Episode 1:

It follows the classic superhero story arc of the hero trying to give up the cape because of the problems he/she feels they are responsible for. It also follows the classic ‘second album’ concept of being about fame and now an insider view of the industry. The sort of fame that only being on youtube can provide.

Episode 2:

And then, purely because we haven’t finished filming the more complex third episode, we produced a trailer that sums up what this series will be about.

Series Trailer:

If you do actually watch these and then maybe decide that watching all of series 1 is worth your while then it would be very much appreciated if you could spread the news, perhaps via your favourite social media website? Or via regular social interaction? Or at a youtube party?

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